Bruins refuse to lose third straight

Bruins refuse to lose third straight
April 6, 2014, 12:30 am
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BOSTON -- The Boston Bruins don’t much like the notion of losing.

It’s what has them in position to capture their first President’s Trophy since 1989-90, and it’s what saw them put up a 15-1-1 mark during a 17-game grind in the month of March. It’s also what pushed the Bruins to fight back in the third period against the Maple Leafs when they were down two goals entering that final stanza.

So it’s with little surprise that the Bruins got back into the winning ways after dropping two straight games against the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leads, and executed a solid 5-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers at TD Garden. The Bruins just couldn’t abide the notion of losing two games in a row after going more than two months since the last time it happened.

“We talked about it. It’s great that we had that winning streak, but in the short term we did lose two in a row and we wanted to turn things around and get back in the win column as soon as possible,” said Milan Lucic. “We expected the game to be the way that it was before puck drop, and we expected [Philadelphia] to come out hard because they’re right there with Columbus as well.

“They’re playing desperate right now, and they’re going to be playing that way for the rest of the games that they have. We expected everything we brought, so it was good that we responded. For us it would be easy just to kind of lean back and not be focused, and take these games for granted because of where we are in the standings. But these are the games we want to be in, so we stay sharp heading into the playoffs.”

The Bruins have played five straight games against teams they could potentially face in the first round of the playoffs, and that scenario was still very much there against the Flyers on Saturday afternoon. So there are dual messages of winning games and sending message to prospect playoff opponents, and the Bruins are more than happy to do a little bit of both.

“It’s important because in a way, [the Flyers] been playing much better than they were at the beginning of the year. Second part is, I think there’s always a slight possibility they could be our matchup in the first round right now,” said Claude Julien. “So there are a lot of reasons, and there are a lot of reasons they came in here and played the way they did tonight. They know the same thing we do.”

So many reasons to want to beat the Flyers, and so very little time.