Beers: Canadiens were 'more desperate team'

Beers: Canadiens were 'more desperate team'
May 13, 2014, 7:30 am
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The Bruins and Canadiens are headed back to Boston after Montreal dominated play in a 4-0 shutout.

Bob Beers joined Sports Tonight to discuss what went wrong for the Bruins in Game 6.

"I thought Montreal was the more desperate team, and it showed in their game" said Beers, "Montreal's level of desperation was up there. Just look at the defense of the Canadiens and the quality of blocked shots that they had." 

"When the Bruins had good opportunities in front of the net or in the slot, the were blocked." continued Beers, "When they had passes that were being made, they were blocked.  When the Bruins had good chances and finally got through the defense, they missed the net and missed their opportunities."

"The Canadiens were by far the more desperate team in this game. They deserved to win this game."