Are the Bruins the most hated team in the NHL?

Are the Bruins the most hated team in the NHL?
August 6, 2014, 7:45 pm
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It’s difficult to know how much credence to actually put into a voting process that might have had a hanging Chad Johnson or two, but a recent poll has most NHL outposts in North America hating the Boston Bruins more than any other team.

The poll is difficult to take with any kind of scientific acumen, but there aren’t many people arguing with the results that place the Big Bad Bruins in the clear villain role.

SB Nation produced a “hate map” for both the United States and Canada – and the rest of the world for that matter where the continent of Africa apparently is unified in hating the Winnipeg Jets – and Reddit users voted for (or against depending on your opinion) the Black and Gold in droves.

Nine US states hate the Bruins more than any of the other 29 teams including Florida, Georgia, Washington and New York among others. Even more impressive nearly the entire country of Canada is unified in their hate of the Bruins with only Alberta’s hate of the Vancouver Canucks trumping a dislike for the Spoked B.

Clearly part of the hatred is about tough B’s customers like Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara playing a punishingly physical brand of hockey, and agitator Brad Marchand creating a path of mayhem wherever he goes. But it’s also about having sustained success, and being a team that’s been to the Cup Finals twice in the last four years, qualifying for the playoffs seven years in a row and serving as the only Eastern Conference team to win a Cup in the last five years.

Everybody hates the favorite. It’s easy to dislike the big kid on the block that routinely beats the stuffing out of everybody else.

After all, there isn’t a sign of the perennial doormat Florida Panthers anywhere on any of the maps, right?