Amonte: Rinaldo's hit on Iginla 'clean'

Amonte: Rinaldo's hit on Iginla 'clean'
March 30, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Jarome Iginla took exception to a hit by the Flyers' Zac Rinaldo in the Bruins' 4-3 victory in Philadelphia on Sunday. It led to Iginla fighting Rinaldo, which didn't end well for Iginla.

On Postgame Live, Tony Amonte told host Michael Felger that the check by Rinaldo wasn't a dirty play.

"It's a clean hit. He takes a hard clean hit," Amonte said. "[Iginla] gets up and answers the bell and says 'Don't hit me like that.' As you saw right there, Zac Rinaldo can throw the fists. He can chuck them."

Felger told Amonte that he's seen more players get bent out of shape lately over what he sees as legitimate hits.

"Jarome's sending a message, 'I'm not gonna take that crap'," Amonte said.

Replied Felger: "Problem is, it wasn't crap. A guy takes a clean hit...This has gotten a little silly."