Amonte: 'Kronwall will spark the Boston Bruins'

Amonte: 'Kronwall will spark the Boston Bruins'
April 13, 2014, 8:45 pm
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As the Bruins gear up to face the Detroit Red Wings, Michael Felger and Joe Haggerty think it might be tough for the B's to find the emotional spark they always seek to carry them in a playoff series. But Tony Amonte says there's one player on the Wings who might provide it for them:

Niklas Kronwall.

"He is dirty," said Amonte. "He hits guys coming across the middle, he's not afraid to take some liberties. That's the guy that will spark the Boston Bruins."

Haggs isn't so sure.

"The Detroit Red Wings . . . are not going to get in an alley fight with the Boston Bruins." said Haggerty, "They're not going to get involved in stuff after the whistles. It's going to be really difficult for the Bruins to sort of generate that emotional level and that hatred they need in this series."