After Day 1, B's impressed with new teammates

After Day 1, B's impressed with new teammates
September 13, 2013, 12:45 am
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BOSTON - The initial reviews are in on the new Bruins right wings, and their teammates are impressed. The Bruins coaching staff did the wise thing in putting Loui Eriksson and Jarome Iginla in the spots they’re expected to man once the regular season began, and that will allow their linemates to foster some chemistry with them. Eriksson hopped on with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand in line drills on the ice, and the 27-year-old fit nicely with the other two firmly established forwards.

The same can be said for Jarome Iginla with David Krejci and Milan Lucic in the late practice session at TD Garden on Thursday afternoon.

“I think we traded for [Eriksson and Iginla] not to say ‘you guys are on a tryout’ but to put them in spots where we think they can fit in. This is what training camp is for,” said Claude Julien. “We’re going to give them that opportunity to maybe build some chemistry, get to know each other a little bit better and at one point we are going to have to make a decision whether it seems to suit our needs or not.

But I thought the [David] Krejci with Looch [Lucic] and [Jarome] Iginla, especially later on -- I think Iggy was kind of finding his way with that line -- got better and better. At first I think he was just trying to fit in and feel his way through. That’s what you would expect out of a guy coming in to that line up with those two guys. Same thing with Loui [Eriksson] and that line; I thought those guys were looking a lot more to pass to each other than they were to accomplish a shot or a scoring chance. Those kinds of things will fall into place as the day progresses.”

Bergeron was partially paying attention to his own body on the first day of on-ice drills, but he was also putting together a mental folder on a new right wing in Eriksson. The differences between Tyler Seguin and Eriksson are pretty vast, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for No. 37 and the rest of his Bruins teammates.

“I think he fits in our frame as a team, and also with our line and the way that we forecheck and turn the puck over,” said Bergeron. “That seems to be [Eriksson’s] game as well, and that’s great.

“He’s obviously a great player. Whoever it was, I’m happy that we were with them on Day One to build chemistry," Bergeron said. "It’s a little different than Tyler with [Eriksson] being a left-hander, but that just means I have to get it to him on the backhand a little earlier. That’s about it. You can tell his smarts on the ice and his speed, and the way he competes. We love all of that."

Likewise, Iginla skated through opening drills on the right wing with Krejci and Lucic. While the former Calgary Flames captain is used to his body of work simply speaking for itself, Iginla is being compared to the departed Nathan Horton in a lot of different areas.

It’s not a bad thing given the kind of dominant postseasons Horton enjoyed in Boston, and Iginla’s new teammates feel like the new right wing is a heck of a lot like the old right wing.

“To tell you the truth I was excited to play with either one of those guys, but I’m glad that we got Jarome on our line for right now,” said Krejci. “I believe we’ll create some good chemistry in camp, and then take that into the season.

“[Horton and Iginla] are both shooters, they’re both right-handed and they’re both physical players. They fight when they need to. They’re pretty much the same players. Jarome obviously has more experience, and has proven himself so many times in the league that he can score 30 plus goals. I’m excited to have that kind of guy on my line.”