Bolland, Canucks set for epic rap battle


Bolland, Canucks set for epic rap battle

By Justin Aucoin

Controversy in the NHL tends to be more on what happens on the ice than whats said off of it. Its why the recent Dave Bolland vs. Vancouver Canucks trash talking spat via the media is so much fun.

During an interview on WGN Radio, the radio host called Canucks star forward Henrik and Daniel Sedin sisters. Nothing out of the ordinary; the Sedins have probably been called sisters since they came out of the womb. Boston Bruins fans have even took the nickname and ran with it or skated with it, we should say during the Stanley Cup finals.

Controversy with Bolland comes when he echoed the whole sisters bit.

Host: If the Sedins become Hawks, will they still be sisters?
Bolland: Well, they'll never become Hawks. I don't think we'd let them on our team. That'd probably be one thing. We'd be sure not to let them on our team. And, yeah, they probably still would be sisters. I think they might sleep in, like, bunk beds. The older one has the bottom one, the younger one's got the top.

Well Bollands right about one thing.

And because the Canucks just love to talk cheap (see: Roberto Luongo tire-pumping) they fired back.

When you have comments like Bolland obviously an individual whose IQ is the size of a bird seed and he's got a face that only a mother could look at probably for the twins, they don't really care. Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault

Vigneault kept going, dropping the tried and true class argument:

Such a classy organization as Chicago, I'm sure they're not too happy about that. I'm sure the NHL is not too happy about that. We're not talking about a junior league here or a bush league. We're talking about the National Hockey League, where they have professional players who get involved in community. They all do a hard line of work and they do it the best they can. And to have guys like this trying to act like comedians, it's just not the right thing to do.

Reading Vineaults comments youd think Bolland dropped an ethnic or gay slur. Gotta love that there are insults being thrown around the ice 100x worse than calling someone a girl and the Canucks are making this into a big deal.

Theres only one way to settle this -- insult battle.

Wed imagine itd look something like this.

Your team sucks so bad your top two players are gingers.

Youre so stupid you went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth.

Your team sucks so bad your top two players are sisters.

You're so ugly, you went to a haunted house and came out with an application.

Your team sucks so bad your top two players got beat up by a goalie and Brad Marchand.

You're so ugly, you have to sneak up on your mirror.

Ever watch Two Girls, One Cup? Its about the Sedins play minus the Cup.


Bruins take a flier on skilled Victor Berglund in 7th round


Bruins take a flier on skilled Victor Berglund in 7th round

CHICAGO – While the Bruins went strong two-way defenseman early in the 2017 NHL Draft, they took a shot at a more offensive-minded Swedish defenseman late with seventh-round pick of Victor Berglund.

The six-foot, 165-pound Berglund clearly has a way to go in physical development and will need to get much bigger and stronger before he’s potentially ready for the North American pro ranks, but B’s assistant GM Scott Bradley raved about the Swedish defenseman’s skill set and potential. He also noted that Boston’s entire European scouting contingent, including former B’s forward PJ Axelsson, were fully on board with taking a flier on a talented player that simply needs to develop in the Swedish hockey system.

“Our Swedish guys were on top of Berglund. They think he’s a mobile D, he’s ultra-skilled and he skates well. He’s a six-footer, but [PJ Axelsson, Svenake Svensson and Victor Nybladh] were all pounding the table for him,” said Bradley. “We went along with it and I think we might have something there. Talking to his strength coach after the fact he’s working on putting some muscle and weight on, so we look forward to seeing him at development camp.”

In 62 games at three different levels, Berglund posted five goals and 18 points last season and displayed the kind of speed, creativity and play-making that one needs from their defensemen in today’s NHL.

"I'm an offensive defenseman, who likes to play with the puck, with a great short pass," said Berglund. "I like to follow the rush up ice and want the puck."

It will be a matter of building size and strength and for Berglund to continue developing his game in Sweden for the time being, but the Bruins are certainly happy with him at the 195th pick in Saturday’s second day of the draft. 

Pare 'brings energy' as big-bodied, sixth-round Bruins pick

Pare 'brings energy' as big-bodied, sixth-round Bruins pick

CHICAGO – The Bruins aren’t ever going to shy away from big, strong centers with a willingness to play on the physical side, so it was no surprise they selected big French-Canadian center Cedric Pare in the sixth round of the NHL Draft Saturday at the United Center.


The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Pare was described as “a project” by Bruins assistant general manager Scott Bradley, who said that he’s looking forward to the big-bodied forward playing a top-six role in the QMJHL next season. Pare had five goals and 16 points in 64 games for the Saint John Sea Dogs before posting three points in 18 playoff games. Bradley said the Bruins hope to see more offense as he gets more exposure as a player.

“Pare is a developed kid that we got in the sixth round. He went to the Memorial Cup and we’ve seen good things from him. We think we got good value there,” said Bradley. “He plays with a lot of energy and I think his skating is undervalued. Over the course of the year he really picked it up with his skating, and his stride has lengthened a little bit. We just like that he plays with energy and he scored in the Memorial Cup despite playing a limited role.

“He was playing on the fourth line last year. I think this year he’ll be playing on one of their top lines as a top-six forward and he’ll get a lot of ice time...hopefully get some good development there.”

Pare indicated that the Bruins had shown interest in him throughout the season and he had an idea the Black and Gold might call his name in the later rounds. While there’s always room in the B’s prospect cupboard for a big-bodied center that plays with plenty of energy, it remains to be seen if Pare was worth using a sixth-round pick on when there are plenty of big-bodied hockey players out there willing to play with energy and aggressiveness.