The BobbyTerry ChroniclesMORE: RBs wont make or break Pats Season-saving win (Take 2)


The BobbyTerry ChroniclesMORE: RBs wont make or break Pats Season-saving win (Take 2)

By now, you've heard about the weekend dramanon-drama between Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine.

You know that Francona was seen yukking it up in the Sox clubhouse on Saturday afternoon, and then sent Bobby V. a text message saying that he was sorry. You also know that while both men admit that the texting took place, neither is willing to expand.

That's where I come in. Through some friends at the phone company, I've obtained the record from Sunday's text conversation between the last two Red Sox managers. Enjoy!

12:30 PM

TERRY FRANCONA: Hey, Val. Its Tito. Got ur number from Hersh.

12:31 PM

12:32 PM

12:33 PM
VALENTINE: Tito Fuentes!? How are you, old friend? Hey remember that diving catch I made in 72 against St. Louis? Was just thinking about it yesterday . . . I really was something.
12:34 PM
FRANCONA: Val, its Terry Francona.

2:30 PM

2:31 PM
FRANCONA: Listen, just want to say Im sorry about that whole clubhouse thing the other day. I was out of line.

3 PM

VALENTINE: No problem.

3:01 PMFRANCONA. Great! Thanks, Val. Good luck 2night.

3:45 PM
FRANCONA: Bobby, are you mad at me?

3:46 PM
VALENTINE: What? What do you mean? Why would I be mad?

3:47 PM
FRANCONA: Listen, I cant tell if youre actually pissed, but either way, Im sorry. I meant no disrespect. Was just walking through, and got caught up having a laugh with Pedey. But it wasnt my place.

5 PM
FRANCONA: Bobby, just let me know that were cool so I can stop feeling guilty.

5:20 PM

VALENTINE: How come Pedey never wants to have a laugh with ME?
5:21 PM
FRANCONA: I don't know what to tell you, Val. I'm just sorry. About everything. Good luck tonight.

6:30 PM
Valentine: Thx.

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