Will soccer soon surpass baseball in popularity?

Will soccer soon surpass baseball in popularity?
June 10, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Andy Gresh says soccer has "failed" in this country. Dalen Cuff says maybe that's true among old guys like Gresh, but it's the sport of choice for younger fans. Join the debate!

Soccer is an up-and-coming sport in the United States with the popularity of the English Premier League and MLS thriving.

Andy Gresh, Chris Gasper and Dalen Cuff join Arbella Early Edition to discuss whether or not soccer can become one of the most popular sports in the United States.

Gasper points out that some MLS teams are drawing big attendance numbers.

"The Seattle Sounders drew 40 thousand [fans], they drew a higher average attendance than the Seattle Mariners." said Gasper. "What MLS is trying to do, they want to turn the big four [sports] into the big five. They're really aiming at the NHL, that's who should be concerned."

"Go back and look at the NBA 18 years after it was founded, that's where MLS is at . . . It's still a league that's in it's infancy."

Gresh believes the MLS is a failure in comparison to other soccer leagues around the world.

"It has failed in this country." said Gresh. "If you guys are willing to be the soccer equivalent of Japanese baseball, then why are talking about this? Because, ultimately that's what you're going to be, second rate. People are going to want to leave your league to play elsewhere."

Dalen Cuff disagrees with Gresh, saying the MLS is becoming a destination for stars.

"When you look at the league right now, guys like David Villa coming from Spain right now to play in New York FC next year." said Cuff. " You've got guys coming here to play. You've got young talent coming here. The product is getting better on the field."