Fill In The Blank: World Cup penalty kicks

Fill In The Blank: World Cup penalty kicks
July 1, 2014, 1:00 am
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The penalty kick has been on everyone's mind during the World Cup now that they have moved into the knockout round. 

On Sports Tonight, Bob Neumeier admitted that he likes the tiebreaker. 

"Using penalty kicks to end the World Cup is spellbinding," said Neumeier. "It's the most pressure packed moment in sports." 

Hardy of 98.5 the Sports Hub believes there has to be a better way to decide a game.

"I'm spellbound by watching somebody flip a coin," said Hardy. "It's a guessing game. The goalkeeper has to commit before the ball is even kicked… the soccer shootout, penalty kick is chance, it is luck, it is nonsense."

Michael Felger agreed with Neumeier.

"It is high drama," said Felger. "It's amazing how many of these guys miss… it should be an absolute automatic. They still miss it because it is the classic pressure play in sports."