Another view: Will soccer become a Big 5 sport?

Another view: Will soccer become a Big 5 sport?
June 11, 2014, 7:00 am
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On Arbella Early Edition, there was a heated debate about soccer's growing popularity.

The Sports Tonight crew picked up where they left off.

Do baseball and hockey have to worry about soccer's popularity?

"I hope they do." said Michael Silverman. "I love soccer. I'm glad that finally all these kids that are playing are now going to start watching… I hope the viewership of the World Cup goes through the roof."

"If it were a stock, I'd buy right now. Because I know in towns like Seattle it's huge, Kansas City it's huge. We're just not living in that. There's a lot of competition, obviously, with all the big sports."

Michael Felger made a bold prediction for the future of the MLS.

"Across the country,inside of fifteen years MLS will be challenging not just baseball, but the NHL." predicted Felger. "The NHL is the one that has to watch out. It's a regional sport, the whole country watches soccer and baseball."