Pollard: Titans mission to kill

Pollard: Titans mission to kill
June 19, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard doesn’t appear to be walking into controversy, but rather launching himself into it, going full tilt and leading with his head.

The 7-year veteran playing in his first year in Nashville placed a note on his locker at the team’s facility that states, “Goal — Super Bowl. Mission — Kill!!!”

And just in case you think we’re taking things out of context and making a story out of a non-story, Pollard explained the meaning of his note on the record.

“Our goal is the Super Bowl, and our mission is to kill,” said Pollard. “And if someone doesn’t like it, then who cares? I really couldn’t care less. It is not our responsibility to make anyone else happy, to please you, to care about you.”

Conveniently enough, the Titans new senior assistant coach happens to be Greg Williams, the mastermind behind the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal that rocked football in the early 2012.  Let the speculation begin.