MLB looking into A-Rod relationship with doctor

MLB looking into A-Rod relationship with doctor
July 26, 2013, 1:30 pm
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By Pat O'Rourke

The New York Daily News is reporting that Major League Baseball is now investigating Alex Rodriguez’s relationship with Dr. Michael Gross, the New Jersey orthopedic surgeon A-Rod went to for a second opinion on his strained groin. Gross claimed earlier this week that he found no injury in Rodriguez’s quad.

Rodriguez was never examined by Gross, but rather looked at an MRI done on A-Rod. But by consulting Gross without approval from the Yankees, Rodriguez could be in violation of the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, which states that ‘a player shall inform the club in writing’ prior to a ‘second evaluation’.

That said, the major league offices could be looking into something else.

According to his bio, Gross ‘is currently enrolled in a fellowship in anti-aging and restorative medicine and is working towards board certification form the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’.

Rodriguez is currently in the middle of an on-going investigation by the MLB on his involvement in the now-defunct anti-aging clinic Biogenesis. The 37-year old third baseman is facing a hefty suspension as a result of the investigation, which could be as severe as a lifetime ban from baseball.

It has been reported that Gross was reprimanded by the State of New Jersey in February for ‘hiring somebody who wasn’t licensed to practice medicine’, and ‘failing to adequately ensure proper patience treatment involving the prescribing of hormones, including steroids’.

He told SNY the reprimand was part of an ‘unrelated investigation of a lot of wellness centers’ and ‘had nothing to do with’ Rodriguez.

There are no indications as to what exactly the MLB is investigating, but are looking into the matter.

There are also no indications as to when this dramafest will end.