Bengals, Colts shied away from Hernandez

Bengals, Colts shied away from Hernandez
July 3, 2013, 1:45 pm
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By Pat O'Rourke

While the Patriots remain quiet about the Aaron Hernandez situation, quite a few teams around the NFL are sounding off on why they kept the former Patriots tight end off their draft board in 2010.

One of those teams was the Cincinnati Bengals, a franchise that over the years has become a punchline due to their management of players with questionable character. Bengals owner Mike Brown says the team had Hernandez off their board in 2010 because of character issues that stemmed from his time at the University of Florida.

Yesterday, former Indianapolis Colts executive Bill Polian joined Brown on the we-never-wanted-Hernandez bandwagon, saying the team looked into Hernandez, but looked the other way not too long into their assessment of the Gator.

Reports were that Hernandez "lived on the edge of acceptable behavior." He had tremendous skill and potential, but his character issues raised concern that he would become more of a problem than an asset.

The statements made by Brown and Polian in the past few days add on to the bottomless list of evidence that Hernandez wasn’t who we thought he was -- and that he didn’t fall to the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft simply because he had smoked marijuana.