Standing Room Only

The Celtics return to the court on Tuesday. How different do they and the rest of the NBA look since we last saw them?
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Do we really have to start comparing Aaron Rodgers to Michael Jordan? At this point even comparing Rodgers and Tom Brady is an awful idea. Why is it even necessary?
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In two weeks, Tom Brady officially becomes the consummate Patriot when he breaks Bruce Armstrong's franchise record for games played.
It's only Week 3, but already the stakes are high! Really? Jags' week? Well, sort of.
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Alphabet is back with your weekly dose of picks, predictions, trivia, letters from Roger Goodell and one-act plays about Ed Hochuli’s biceps. But wait, there's more!
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With Tom Brady backing Donald Trump for President - "That would be great," says the QB. Here's five ways to handle the news.
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David Ortiz has hit 500 home runs off 335 different pitchers. But 18 of those pitchers have a Cy Young on their resume.
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The Patriots and Steelers bring the NFL back tonight and, as much as we're angry at the league and its buffoonery, we can't turn away when the games come on.
Ignore Roger Goodell and crew, propaganda-laden media outlets, and ignorant trolls. The Patriots are back, and that's all that matters.
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You remember the plot of the movie. How great would it be if all of a sudden Roger Goodell couldn’t tell a lie for 24 hours?








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