Weekend worlds collide


Weekend worlds collide

I don't write much about hockey on this blog because I don't know much about hockey, and any time I try, the response is generally horrendous. But with that being said, it's great to see the Bruins back in business.

I know how much the Black and Gold means to a lot of people in this town. I know that the Bruins are for real and have a legit shot to bring the Cup back to Boston. And even if I can sit through an entire game and still fail to produce even a morsel of worthy NHL insight, it's just fun to have the Bruins around. To have another team to root for. More games to watch. More fodder for sports radio so they don't continue to destroy our brains by stretching 10 minute conversations out over the course of four hours. (Nah. Just kidding. They'll do that anyway.)

Best of all? Another year of Tyler Seguin! Who I'm going to convince to go to prom with me if it's the last thing I do.

But either way . . .

Welcome back, Bruins!

Hockey's return actually leaves us in a pretty exciting place heading into the weekend. This will be the first time since last April when the Bs were eliminated from the playoffs that Boston will have three active sports teams at the same time. We've got CelticsBulls tonight at the Garden. BruinsRangers tomorrow at the Garden. PatriotsRavens on Sunday at Gillette (Note: The Celtics play in Detroit on Sunday, too, so you should probably just watch that and DVR the Pats).

But there's one big question looming over all the excitement of our first weekend with three active teams in the mix:

Will it also be our last weekend with three active teams in the mix?

The answer lies in the finely manicured hands of Tom Brady and the Pats.

That is, unless Gary Bettman finds a way to somehow screw it all up.

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