Pats go 10 x 10


Pats go 10 x 10

Last night, at approximately 9:32 pm, the Patriots official Twitter account tweeted out an interesting piece of tweetformation. And it went a little something like this:
This year, the Patriots became only the 2nd team in @nfl history to win at least 10 games in 10 straight seasons. New England Patriots (@Patriots) January 3, 2013
Pretty cool, right? Right. Not that you needed it, but this tweet is just another reminder of the ridiculous, dominant and nearly unprecedented nature of this era in Patriots history. It makes you appreciate just how fantastic this run has been, leaves you anxious over how much longer it could possibly last. Ten straight ten win seasons? The Bills haven't had ONE 10-win season in 14 years! The Lions have ONLY one 10-win season in the last 17 years! Unreal.

But here's the question: Who's the other team in NFL history with 10 straight 10 win seasons?

That would be the 49ers, and they give this Patriots team a few things to strive for.

First of all, the Niners won 10 games in 16 straight seasons from 1983-1998.

Second, the Niners won FIVE Super Bowls over that streak.

But there's one aspect of San Francisco's historical stretch that the Pats will hope to avoid. After their first sub 10-win season, the 49ers went on to miss the playoffs in 10 of the last 12 years, and over that time they burned through five head coaches and 13 starting quarterbacks. They were a total disaster and didn't turn things around until Jim Harbaugh rode into town last year. And . . . I don't know. That's all I have to say.

Can it just be Saturday already? We need something else to talk about.

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MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Broncos give Osweiler rude welcome in 27-9 win over Texans


MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Broncos give Osweiler rude welcome in 27-9 win over Texans

DENVER - The Denver Broncos ruined Brock Osweiler's homecoming Monday night, incessantly hurrying, hitting and harassing their former teammate in a 27-9 win over his Houston Texans.

Coach Gary Kubiak returned to the sideline following his second health scare in three years, and he liked what he saw as the Broncos (5-2) snapped a two-game skid in sending the overwhelmed Texans home at 4-3.

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