A glimpse at Amendola

A glimpse at Amendola
March 14, 2013, 7:00 pm
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If you think Julian Edelman’s had it bad with the non-stop Wes Welker comparisons, wait until you see what the future has in store for Danny Amendola.

For the newest Pats receiver, it’s going to be all Welker all the time. Everything he does will be compared to how Welker did it while he was here, and to what Welker will be simultaneously doing out in Denver.

Are the comparisons fair? Probably not. But when you sign for six years and $31 million, good luck finding sympathy. Actually, good luck in general. You’re not in St. Louis anymore, Danny. Instead, you’re replacing a borderline legend in a borderline psychotic sports city. You need to bring it every week.

You need to bring like this week.

Week 10 at San Francisco: 11 catches for 102 yards.

You have to admit, DA sure looked Welker-like here. The way he falls forward into the seam between tacklers to pick up that extra yard, the extra gear to take the corner on a defender, his usefulness on the bubble screen and he way his legs keep moving in traffic.

To sweeten the pot, he showed an extra burst on the punt return and the ability to stretch the D.

Of course, this was his first game back after missing three games with a clavicle injury. A month later, he missed two more games with a heel injury.

If he can’t stay on the field, all the skills in the world won’t mean a thing.

Just ask the last "next Wes Welker."