The Francona Years


The Francona Years

Were less than a week from the release of Francona: The Red Sox Years, and judging from the excerpts, its going to be a bombshell. The kind of thing that will send the folks at Fenway Sports Group scrambling for cover, while the rest of us sit back and bask in the confirmation of everything we already suspected.

Im sure youve read most of the highlights by now, so I won't regurgitate the details . . . other than this one (from ESPN Boston):

The book stated the marketing report said: "(W)omen are definitely more drawn to the 'soap opera' and 'reality-TV' aspects of the game ... They are interested in good-looking stars and sex symbols," parenthetically citing All-Star second baseman Dustin Pedroia as an example of the latter.


I mean, it's one thing to be stupid enough to let a TV marketing report dictate the direction of a franchise. It's an ENTIRELY different thing to be stupid enough to listen to a marketing report that's stupid enough to qualify Dustin Pedroia as a "sex symbol."

You're telling me that not one person in that meeting felt compelled to ask the question: "Hey, do we really want to trust the opinion of an organization that considers 5-7 bald guys sexy?" Or were they all too busy thinking to themselves: "You know, Pedroia's not that much better looking than I am . . . So maybe I'm sexy, too?"

Either way, what a disaster. What a pathetic disaster.

Honestly, after all the nonsense that Henry and Lucchino have spewed these last few years, how can they even shows their faces anymore? How can they further deny how flagrantly they've wronged this team and this city in the years since that second World Series?

They can't.

They're a joke.

We always knew it, but now it's confirmed.

And now it's time for ownership to finally make a move that's in the best interest of real Red Sox fans. The one's who didn't show up on the marketing report, and who have been insulted and neglected by Fenway Sports Group for far too long.

Sell the team.

Sell the team.

Sell the team.

We'll always be thankful for those two World Series. We'll never forget all that success.

But the show's over guys.

Time to say goodbye.
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