Five thoughts on Tom Brady at Kentucky Derby video

Five thoughts on Tom Brady at Kentucky Derby video
May 6, 2013, 4:45 pm
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We don’t see very much of Tom Brady during the offseason, but the glimpses we do get are often ridiculous. In the past, there were the photos of Tom flailing his arms on a water slide in Costa Rica. There was the video of him dancing like no one’s watch in Rio de Janeiro. And this weekend, we added another clip to the file: Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video, but if not here it is:

And here are three quick/random thoughts on the video:

1. I know that the Derby is a day for everyone to play dress up, but I guarantee this wasn’t the first time Brady’s rocked the all-white suit/polka dot bowtie combo. Even money says that it’s part of his regular rotation. It’s also too bad he didn’t wear that get-up (with that hairstyle) for last year’s derby. He might have earned himself a supporting roll in Gatsby.

2. It’s not a total surprise that Brady was there with Bruschi and Welker, but it’s cool to see that the three of those guys are still close. It’s also interesting to watch the extension of Brady and Welker’s relationship compared to what we saw with the Celtics after Ray Allen jumped to the Heat. The situations aren’t identical, but there are some basic similarities, and KG would have rather stampeded Ray with a herd of thoroughbreds than go in together on a bet. (Although, that probably says more about KG’s than it does anything else.)

3. Brady reportedly bet $4,700 on Orb to win, which means he netted about $25,000 on the race. That helps explain why he was celebrating like Vinatieri just beat the Rams, and looked a few seconds away from breaking into tears with both hands on top of his head. In related news: That 25K will just about cover the price of draining, scrubbing and refilling his moat after Gronk “accidentally” soiled it during a party last month.

4. We’re still not sure of Brady’s connection with Orb’s owners, or how he ended up in that box in the first place, but we do know that Brady turned down an opportunity to join the Orb crew in the post-race Winner’s Circle. When asked why, he took a page out of Ray Lewis’ book and said “It was God’s choice*.” But by that he meant: “Giselle wouldn’t let me.” (*kidding)

5. As always, it’s good to be Tom Brady.