Big Game to Boston?

Big Game to Boston?
May 21, 2013, 4:15 pm
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This afternoon in Boston, as reported by Tom E. Curran, the NFL awarded future Super Bowls to San Francisco and Houston. And that led to the obvious question: What would it take for Boston to someday play host to one of these “Super Bowls” as opposed to just hosting the meeting where they hand them out?

Unfortunately, the most realistic scenario I can muster up includes a seismic shift in the Earth’s atmosphere that simultaneously swaps Boston’s weather with LA and adds a few hundred square miles off the Massachusetts coastline — land that Robert Kraft would immediately purchase and then construct the Patriot Place of his wildest dreams.  

Then again . . .

Through some Googling, I just came across this conversation that Kraft had with the media back at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. If you remember, the weather was horrible at that year, and Kraft recalled the following conversation with his wife, Myra. (Courtesy of ESPN Boston)

“She said to me 'It's snowing, we should have a [Super Bowl] in New England.' I supported New York [in 2014], and I did for a lot of reasons, but I'm thinking about it and maybe we should have a Super Bowl in New England, maybe we should get on the list,” Kraft said.

“We have a lot of great things in Boston, Providence, New England. We have the hotel rooms. We have everything. I love games that are played in the elements. I think our snow game against Oakland was one of the greatest games ever played.

“Think about it, here we have the situation with the weather [in Texas] and 5,000 members of the media show up. We're going to have record attendance. The weather will help create record TV ratings. You have two small-market teams, so maybe we should consider a Super Bowl in Boston, I don't know.”

Then, more than two years later, Kraft reiterated those sentiments this afternoon back home in Boston:

“It would be great. I sort of like Boston/Providence, he said. “This is where it all started. Right here.”

At the very least, we’ll have to wait until after next year’s Super Bowl at the Meadowlands to know if the Pats have a realistic shot. If the winter weather reeks havoc on that one, it will probably destroy any chance of the game returning to a cold weather, non-dome stadium. And even then, after today, the next available Super Bowl isn’t until 2018. BUT, if things go all right in New Jersey . . . when you consider Kraft’s power within the league . . . that the whole idea began from a conversation with Myra . . . maybe a Super Bowl in New England isn’t so completely out of the realm of possibility.

On one hand, this sounds like a slightly awful idea. Regardless of how close Boston and Providence are to Gillette, I don’t see Foxborough handling the Big Game in style.

On the other, there’s no way it could be any worse than Jacksonville . . .

So let’s do it!