Bernard Pollard's on the move

Bernard Pollard's on the move
March 21, 2013, 6:15 pm
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When Bernard Pollard was released by the Ravens a few weeks back, I (along with a few thousand other people) suggested that New England snatch him up. After all, if he was on the Pats, he wouldn’t be able to hurt the Pats.

Problem solved.

But what about practice?

That was a fair question. Which I was I took it a step further and recommended that the Patriots sign Pollard and just keep him locked in a cage atop the Gillette light tower all season.

It would’ve been the ultimate power move by Belichick; a message to any player even thinking about following in Pollard’s footsteps. And of course, best of all, he’d be totally out of the picture. (Then again, I’m sure a gust of wind would somehow knock the cage off it’s perch and send it crashing down on Danny Amendola's head).

Anyway, I’ve got some good news.

Turns out that won’t be necessary.

That’s because this afternoon, Pollard signed with the Tennessee Titans, a team that:

a) Isn’t on New England’s 2013 schedule.

b) Is a long shot to make the playoffs.

In other words, the Patriots are Pollard free!

For one year, at least. Next summer, he’ll back on the market.

But by then Bill should have the cage constructed and ready to roll.