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It's a Royal ascension to the top spot in this week's American League Power Rankings . . . and look who's still at Number 3!
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Hanley Ramirez's at-bats are must-see TV, much like Manny Ramirez's were. And the two free spirits have more than hitting in common.
Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino is in favor of Boston staging the 2024 Olympics, but isn't sure if he'll have a role on the organizing committee.
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Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino, said help could come from Pawtucket and from trades for the team's underperforming pitching staff.
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Three takes from Wednesday: 1. "Fix this" meeting works, for now. 2. What if...Hanley was here all along? 3. Stronger rotation would settle bullpen.
Dan Shaughnessy joins Sports Tonight to discuss the impressive outing by Rick Porcello, and how desperately the Red Sox needed him
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Blue Jays catcher Josh Thole blocked the plate without the ball. Xander Bogaerts was ruled out. Ryan Hanigan is very confused.