Yo, Adrian


Yo, Adrian

Who's to blame for the Red Sox awful start?

The debate will rage on until the Sox turn this thing around or the whole organization implodes leaving a giant hole in Kenmore Square. But the truth is that there's no clear cut answer. Well, unless your answer is: Everyone.

The owners for being delinquent jerks, the players for being overly entitled brats, Bobby V. for being unable to find a way to break down the wall between his own ego and the team. Everyone deserves a little bit of blame.

But here's one guy who's remained generally and undeservedly unscathed. A guy who could go a long way in helping turn around this mess. A guy who has a worse OPS than Mike Aviles, fewer RBI than Cody Ross and fewer doubles than Kelly Shoppach. A guy who also happens to be earning 21M this season and was supposed to be a threat for the Triple Crown.

Of course, I'm talking about Darnell MacDonald.

Nah, it's Adrian Gonzalez.

Obviously Gonzalez isn't entirely to blame for this fiasco. Not even close. But seeing how we can all agree that the only thing that will change this season around is for the Sox to actually start winning some games, then Gonzalez is a good candidate to lead the charge.

Since opening weekend in Detroit, AG has hit one home run, and that was in the eighth inning of an 18-3 loss to the Rangers. He has one game with more than one RBI, and on that night, two of his three RBI were knocked in during the ninth inning of a 7-3 loss to Toronto. He's been non-existent when it matters most. And that needs to change.

It's one of many things that will need to go right for the Sox to salvage this season, but it's a start.

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