Yastrzemski: 'The Red Sox will be back'

Yastrzemski: 'The Red Sox will be back'
September 27, 2012, 1:50 am
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BOSTON -- Dwight Evans and Carl Yastrzemski never won a World Series in their long Red Sox playing careers, but, they did experience pennants in 1967 (Yastrzemski), 1975 (Yastrzemski and Evans) and 1986 (Evans).
And both players believe that, after a losing season this year and three straight seasons out of the playoffs, it won't be long before the Sox contend again.
"Obviously, we're going to rebuild,'' said Evans, who was selected with Yastrzemski to the All Fenway Park Team Wednesday night. "We looked at a trade about a month and a half ago (with the Los Angeles Dodgers), and I thought it was an interesting trade, a good trade. I know these owners and they want to win. I think it freed us up to go and interject some quality players into the core of players that we have, that we've raised through this system.
"I know that they want to win. They love being in that winner's circle. And I think they're dedicated. I don't know if it's going to be two years, three years, but we will be back.''
"The Red Sox will be back,'' vowed Yastrzemski. "Ben (Cherington) did a great job in the minor league system. He did a great job. He's a good baseball man. The one thing I like about him, he asks for your opinion. It's not like, 'Oh, I know everything.' He'll ask people for their opinions. Which is a good sign. Because no one in this game knows it all.''