Would you let Lester, Rondo walk if price wasn't right?

Would you let Lester, Rondo walk if price wasn't right?
January 24, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Rajon Rondo and Jon Lester are great players, but are they must-have guys?

On Thursday, Jon Lester hinted that he'd take a bit of a hometown discount to stay with the Red Sox.

Earlier that same day, Danny Ainge he had discussed a contract extension with Rajon Rondo.

Both players are due pretty big contracts coming up . . . but at what cost?

Ainge said that he expects Rondo to get star-type money, and also expects there to be competition to sign the guard if it gets to that point.

Lester hopes to get a deal done before the season begins, and while he says he'll take a hometown discount, it's unclear what exactly that means.

Both players are interesting figures. Some factions of fans love them, others are either impartial to them or not fans.

Where do you fall? Are these two players you feel both HAVE to be re-signed by their respective teams? Or are you OK with saying bye-bye if the price is too high?

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