Workman's supsension upheld, will miss start

Workman's supsension upheld, will miss start
June 18, 2014, 12:00 pm
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UPDATE, 2:05 P.M.: BOSTON - Brandon Workman's six-game suspension for throwing at the Rays' Evan Longoria was upheld by major league baseball on Wednesday. The Red Sox said he would begin serving it immediately and miss his scheduled start Friday night in Oakland.

There was no announcement of who would make the start in Workman's place, although lefthander Felix Doubront (shoulder) could come off the disabled list and pitch. 

As of Wednesday morning, there was no news on  Workman's appeal of his six-game suspension. The appeal was heard last Friday afternoon by MLB.

While many assumed the Sox may hear a decision by Monday, that wasn't the case. Ditto for Tuesday. And now, here we are with the team about to embark on a 10-game road trip out west.

"We still don't have any word," John Farrell said before Wednesday's series finale against the Twins. "It's kind of the daily watch, and still nothing's been handed down."

At this point, it's understood that regardless of the decision on Workman's suspension, he's going to miss his next start. The delay in the decision assures that.

"We're taking steps to keep a couple of guys available to fill in Friday," Farrell said. "We're hopeful that by today, [Major League Baseball Executive Vice President of Administration] John McHale is kind of the judge and jury in this situation, I don't know that he pays too much attention to the travel schedule but after the appeal he's got all the information, and he's going through it. So we're on Day 5 of that right now."

Had the Sox accepted the six-game suspension right away, Workman would have missed his next start. By appealing, they gave themselves at least a shot of him not missing a start, but it doesn't look like it'll work out in their favor.

"We're dealing with the original six-game suspension which was going to take him out of a start if it was served immediately," Farrell said. "The fact that it's delayed, if it's reduced a number- we still anticipate him missing a start, so we just have to wait for word."

Workman's suspension came a day after he intentionally threw high and behind Longoria back on May 30. He was originally suspended on June 3.