Will Ellsbury get booed at Fenway?

Will Ellsbury get booed at Fenway?
December 4, 2013, 1:30 am
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Jacoby Ellsbury is the newest New York Yankee.

He won't be there at Fenway's Opening Day to receive his World Series ring.

When he does return to Fenway, he will most likely get a different reaction from some - or most - fans upon stepping into the batters box as the Yankee's leadoff hitter.

But is that true?

Gary Tanguay and Steve Buckley compared another former Red Sox turned Yankee, Johnny Damon, and how he was treated by the Sox fans - with boos.

Tanguay doesn't think the fans should have booed Damon.

"The fact that they booed Damon is a joke, it's an atrocity, it's ridiculous," Tanguay said.

He thinks Ellsbury won't hear many boos because everybody expected him to go.

"I think that even when they were playing for the World Series, even during the season, Red Sox fans said, 'You know what? He's gone.' There's no pain here. There's no shock. There's no surprise."

Buckley disagrees, saying that fans will still boo Ellsbury whenever he comes back to Boston.

"With Damon it was weird because he went on as a journeyman late in his career, he played with the Tigers, the Rays, and the Indians late in his career. And they still booed him at Fenway Park. He became the embodiment of playing for the Yankees. Ellsbury's going to get the same thing, why would it be any different?"

What do you think, will Ellsbury be booed when the Yanks come to town? Let us know in the comments section.