Who's the Red Sox first half MVP?

Who's the Red Sox first half MVP?
June 15, 2013, 3:00 pm
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It may not officially be the midway point of the Major League Baseball season -- the All-Star Game is usually good for that -- but is it ever too early to start debating who the Red Sox first half MVP has been? 

The guys on The Baseball Show think not. 

Bob Neumeier, Glenn Ordway and Lou Merloni had this very debate Saturday morning, and there appears to be some disagreement between Ordway and Merloni who they believe the Sox' best player has been so far. 

"Clay Buchholz, no question," Ordway said. "[He's] 9-0, they win a majority of the games that he pitches, there's absolutely no question this team would not be in this position they're in right now without Clay Buchholz."

Merloni, however, can't help but be impressed with the way second baseman Dustin Pedroia has played this season despite battling a broken finger. 

"I think it's Pedroia," Merloni said. "I think we all know pitching wins and I understand that and Buchholz got this team going, and after that start they've been just sort of playing well and I think they've been keeping up without [Buchholz]…[Pedroia's] been there from Day 1. I think he carries the attitude, the way he plays the game, offensively, defensively the way that he's played."

Check out the video above to hear more of the discussion, and whether or not pitchers should be named MVP.