Who starts Game 1 of the playoffs?

Who starts Game 1 of the playoffs?
September 7, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Playoffs? We're talking about playoffs?! You bet we are!

It would take an epic September collapse for the Sox to miss the playoffs, and let's be honest that hasn't happened in . . . well, a couple years.

But, assuming Boston doesn't fall flat on its face and doe in fact clinch the division, who pitches in Game 1?

Bob Neumeier has his choice: John Lackey.

Glenn Ordway isn't ready to hand the ball to anybody. He wants to see how these last couple weeks play out. If Jon Lester keeps it up, Ordway mean lean that. And if Buchholz is his old self, he goes that way.

Merloni plays along with Neumeier's question though, and says it's Lester at No. 1, then John Lackey, Jake Peavy, and Clay Buchholz.

It's good that there are a couple of pitchers pitching well enough to earn that top spot for the Sox right now.

Who gets your vote?