Who needs to step up in the A.L. East?

Who needs to step up in the A.L. East?
August 20, 2013, 1:00 am
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Rich Levine joined The Show on Monday night to discuss the five people that need to step up in the tightly-contested American League East. 

No. 5, of course, was Alex Rodriguez. He was followed by Buck Showalter, Dustin Pedroia, Matt Moore and, last but certainly not least, Clay Buchholz.

The Red Sox starter hasn't pitched since June, but his return to the rotation could be essential to whether or not the Sox make the postseason.

"He was the best pitcher in baseball for the first two months, but hasn't pitched since. And when and if he decides to return may very well make the difference in the Sox finally separating from the pack," Levine said. "So whatta ya say, Clay? September is right around the corner."

Who do you think needs to step up in the AL East down the stretch?