What's the point, Papi? KG still center of attentionMaking the rounds at Fenway

What's the point, Papi? KG still center of attentionMaking the rounds at Fenway
June 21, 2012, 9:42 pm
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I don't have a problem with what David Ortiz said this afternoon. In fact, I pretty much agree with him on everything. My only question is: Why did he say it?

One possibility is that he was trying to stick up for his teammates. That there are a lot of guys on the team who are fed up and frustrated with all the BS. Basically, that the Red Sox have won four straight games and are only three games out of a playoff spot, yet all anyone wants to do is stir up drama and find new and improved ways to bring them down.

Maybe it's starting to take a toll on the clubhouse on some of the players who aren't used to life in the Boston pressure cooker and as the team's elder statesmen, Ortiz took it upon himself to take a stand. If that's the case, I get it. It's nice for him to let the guys know that he has their back, because ultimately that's more important than any rumors or piece of inside information that will be leaked between now and the end of time. If they trust each other, nothing else matters.

But I hope Ortiz didn't think that today's rant will actually make things better between him, the team and the media. As if he was going to take this stand, speak out against the haters, and then the Internet and talk radio would suddenly come to their senses and think: You know what? Papi's right! We're being ridiculous! That's it, starting today no more drama! No more BS! We're only talking about baseball!"

No way. In fact, now it's worse. By saying what he did today, there's more for the media to jump on, another branch to swing from, another reason to chalk these guys up as selfish, whiny losers. Rinse and repeat.

So, I hope his teammates appreciated the gesture, because the scrutiny only increases from here.

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