What's the future for Jacoby Ellsbury?

What's the future for Jacoby Ellsbury?
May 25, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Jacoby Ellsbury's impeding free agency has been a hot topic for Red Sox fans coming into the season.

The Baseball Show panel takes a look at Jacoby Elssbury's stats during the 2013 season and compares them to his big 2011 season. 

Something really stuck out to Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam.

"The thing that gets me is eighty-three extra base hits." added Sean McAdam, "You can talk about thirty home runs from a leadoff guy and one hundred runs knocked in from a leadoff guy.  Eighty-three extra base hits is a lot.  Between the doubles, the homers, and the triples.  That, to me, jumps off the page.  We haven't seen anything like that.  He isn't driving the ball like he was two years ago."

Bob Neumeier brought up the fact that John Farrell said Ellsbury's impending free agency was "weighing on his mind."  He didn't like the response from Farrell.

"Look, if there was ever a time to put up, it's now." added Bob Neumeier, "He's got millions and millions of dollars at stake.  That to me is a flimsy excuse as to why Ellsbury is not hitting well."

What will be the next step in the Jacoby Ellsbury's career?  Take a look at the video above to see what the panel thinks.