What's to blame for Sox Game 3 loss?

What's to blame for Sox Game 3 loss?
October 8, 2013, 2:30 am
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There were plenty of things to second-guess during the Red Sox' Game 3 loss to the Rays.

Mike Felger, Michael Holley, and Steve Buckley discuss some of the decisions, including:

John Farrell didn't intentionally walk Evan Longoria in the 5th inning with first base open and two outs, and Longoria hit a three-run home run.

He used both Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa for a combined one inning.

He pinch ran for David Ortiz with the game still tied, and Ortiz's spot in the lineup came up later that game with the bases loaded as Mike Carp struck out looking.

He didn't pinch hit for Stephen Drew with Xander Bogaerts in the 8th inning with a lefty on the mound.

The list goes on. All these decisions played a part in the outcome of the game for the Sox, but which one was the biggest blunder? Let us know in the comments section.