What's biggest offseason priority for Red Sox?

What's biggest offseason priority for Red Sox?
November 5, 2013, 1:30 am
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Believe it or not, the Red Sox already have big decisions to make for their next season. The guys on Sports Tonight discuss what the biggest priorities are.

"To me," said Chris Gasper, "it's bringing back Mike Napoli, because you don't have any replacement for him in the organization. I think right-handed power is one of the most valuable commodities and rarest commodities in baseball right now, so you have to bring that guy back to be in your lineup."

Mike Felger agrees with Gasper, and asks Rob "Hardy" Poole is three years for $42 million is fair.

"I think so," Hardy said. "He strikes out a lot, but he gets a lot of hits, a lot of doubles, a lot of power. It's good stuff. To me, it's not Napoli as much as it is Clay Buchholz. That's my biggest offseason priority, figuring out what he's all about."

Gary Tanguay is quick to tell Hardy that Buchholz can't pitch an entire season.

"I don't know that he can, I don't know that he wants to," Hardy responded.

The conversation then turned to Stephen Drew and the $14.1 million qualifying offer the Red Sox extended to him. Is Drew really worth that much money? The opinions are split on that.