What will it take to keep Ellsbury?

What will it take to keep Ellsbury?
April 27, 2013, 3:00 pm
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As the season rolls along for the Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury's free agent status at the end of the season hangs over their head.

Many people believe it is a forgone conclusion that the 29-year-old will move on from Boston at the end of the season.

What can the Red Sox do to hang on to Jacoby Ellsbury?  

Dan Shaughnessy doesn't think there is much hope,

"You can't do anything (to keep Ellsbury)." argued Shaughnessy

Sean McAdam believes there is something the team can do.

"There is something you can do... You could throw a ridiculous, ten year, $200 million." said McAdam. "You could overpay and give him more than Boras believes, even in the rosiest scenario this offseason, that he can get. Then they will sign."

Bob Neumeier thought maybe Ellsbury has grown emotionally attached to Boston.  Shaughnessy immediately disagreed.

"This guy was created in the Scott Boras petri dish. A perfect player for him" suggested Shaughnessy, "A guy with no emotional attachment to the city he's in."