What should Bradley Jr.'s role be on Sox?

What should Bradley Jr.'s role be on Sox?
April 9, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Jackie Bradley Jr. looks good out there. Does he deserve a bigger role?

The hype around Jackie Bradley Jr. seems to change every few days.

Last spring he was great, only to flop in the regular season and be sent back to the minors. This spring he struggled, didn't make the club originally, and then was a last second call up as Shane Victorino hit the DL.

He struck out looking to make the final out of Opening Day, and people were ready to send him back to the minors again. Whether or not he could play the Majors was questioned.

Now, that's not a question. Bradley Jr. looks great at the plate and even stronger in the field. He's got five hits over the last two games, and a number of nice catches in Fenway's outfield.

He's hitting 9th in the order Wednesday against the Rangers - is that too low? Should he be near the top?

On Arbella Early Edition, Gary Tanguay said it's best to keep Bradley Jr. out of the spotlight for now and the Sox should keep him batting ninth.

"I think he should play. This kid is going to do well if you keep him out of the spotlight," Tanguay said.

Boston Globe columnist Chris Gasper countered: "He's a first=round, Gary. He was a star at South Carolina."

Tanguay said it's been shown that once they hype starts with Bradley Jr., the pressure mounts and he doesn't perform as well.

"Last year he was great in spring training. He came up. He struggled and was sent down. [Now] people stop talking about him and what's happened? He's quietly doing well.

Said Gasper: "I wouldn't bat him ninth. I think it's absurd that Ryan Roberts was batting higher in order. He's a guy who potentially can kickstart your offense. You don't have to bat him leadoff, but he should bat ahead of David Ross and Ryan Roberts."

They both agree that JBJ should stay with the Sox for the full season. Sending him down might hurt his confidence.

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