Wakeup call: NFL gender barrier comes down; Lakers now the best?

Wakeup call: NFL gender barrier comes down; Lakers now the best?
August 10, 2012, 10:37 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Friday, August 10:

Not that it'll have any direct impact around here, but MLB announced the postseason schedule yesterday. (CSN Washington)

Don't worry, Padres fans. Phil Mickelson says he'll stick to golf. (AP)

You may wonder why Matt Garza, employed by a team that's buried so deep in the postseason standings they'd need a divining rod to find them, would want to risk his health by coming back before the end of the season. It's because, in his words, pitching is like breathing. (CSN Chicago)

Jim Mora, the new coach at UCLA, never, ever, ever meant to suggest that things were unsafe over at USC. How could you even think that? Oh, no. (NBC's College Football Talk)

Bobby Petrino's doing the public contrition thing. (AP)

In more sun-rises-in-Eastdog-bites-man news, the NHL says it'll lock out the players if no CBA settlement is reached by Sept. 15. (AP) We never doubted that for a second, Mr. Bettman, after two decades of your scorched-Earth labor policy.

In the days of the Cold War, the Olympic medal count was seen as nothing less than a validation of a way of life. Well, we're far beyond that kind of simplistic, jingoistic thinking . . . . but it still feels good! (nbcolympics.com)

The real Dwightmare: Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin thinks the Lakers just became the best team in the NBA. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

They're excited in Philadelphia, too, where they're comparing this to the times they got Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone. (CSN Philly) No pressure there, eh, Andrew Bynum?

Shannon Eastin got good reviews as she broke the NFL's gender barrier. (AP)

Peyton Manning's debut with the Broncos was less than Earth-shattering. (AP)

Usain Bolt? Pshaw. Chris Johnson says he can outrun him. (NBC's Pro Football Talk) Forget the race; who'd win that battle of egos?

First game, first injury: The Chargers' Ryan Matthews broke his collarbone against the Packers. (AP)

T.O.'s already got the Seahawks in dutch with the NFL. (AP)