Wakeup Call: The devil you say about this 666 business, Tebow!


Wakeup Call: The devil you say about this 666 business, Tebow!

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Friday, October 12:

Concussions aren't limited to the stick-and-ball sports. (AP)

Whaddya know? The Yankees and Orioles are heading to Game 5. (AP)

If it wasn't for bad luck, this guy would have no luck at all. And somewhere, Kevin Youkilis is smiling. (AP)

Enough already, Joe. Enough. When you sit down to write out tonight's lineup, make it 'Chavez 5' in the batting order and 'Rodriguez' among the reserves. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

You think A-Rod's been bad? Check out Curtis Granderson. (Hardball Talk)

On a (far) more serious -- and sad -- note, Joe Girardi's been managing the Yankees with a heavy heart. (AP)

Alex? Curtis? This is how you come up big in an elimination game. (Hardball Talk)

Forget the loss. Oakland is in love with its baseball team again. (CSN Bay Area)

Want proof? (CSN Bay Area)

Playoff baseball was Werth the wait, wasn't it, Washington? (AP)

If you call the Giants' triumph over the Reds a comeback of Biblical proportions, you just ain't whistlin' Dixie. (CSN Bay Area)

Oh, and Giants? Think about starting The Freak in the NLCS. (Hardball Talk)

Roy Williams plans to coach at North Carolina for another 6 to 10 years. (AP)

Notre Dame has grand plans for its last year in the Big East. (AP)

Syracuse probably does, too, but no one's saying it out loud. (AP)

Beano Cook dies at 81. (AP)

It's likely no one was watching, what with the Steelers-Titans on the NFL Network and the baseball playoff games, but that was quite a show by Arizona State last night. Especially in the second half. (AP)

Although his annual pension's still being fought over, Jerry Sandusky will get to keep the 900,000 in payments he's received since his 1999 retirement. (AP)

Defiant to the end, eh, Jerry? (AP)

No progress in negotiations. No new talks scheduled. Situation normal in Bettman Land. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Also normal: NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly's predictable anti-player blather. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Memo to Gary and Bill (and Jeremy Jacobs, widely seen as one of the driving forces behind all this): If your labor strategy was designed to permanently alienate and drive away your fan base, it's working beautifully. (Pro Hockey Talk)

In further proof of the resiliency of the human spirit, Sidney Crosby thinks the season will be salvaged. (AP)

If you live in one of the half-dozen New England cities with an AHL team, it's game on starting tonight. (AP)

LeBron James is good in China, too. (AP)

What's with those gasps of worry from L.A.? Well, it's never good when the center you're building your team around -- even though he says he's completely healthy today -- admits his left leg "just went dead basically" and that he "couldn't do a calf raise" as recently as six months ago. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Kobe to Dwight: Get mean. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Andre Iguodala sure sounds happy to be out of Philadelphia. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Boy, the Titans needed this one. (AP)

The Steelers lost most than just a game. Four of their players went down, too. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Michael Vick owns a what? (CSN Philly)

The block that ended Brian Cushing's season will cost Matt Slauson 10,000. (AP)

More off-field troubles for Ndamukong Suh. (Pro Football Talk)

It's official: Matt Cassel's out Sunday. Happy, Chiefs fans? (AP)

It'll be the 49ers and Jaguars in London next year. (AP)

Wow. Maybe there's something to this 666 business. (NBC's Off The Bench)

That's 300 weeks at No. 1 for Roger Federer. (AP)

Red Sox avoid arbitration with Bogaerts, Holt with 1-year deals

Red Sox avoid arbitration with Bogaerts, Holt with 1-year deals

Facing a 1 p.m. Friday deadline to avoid arbitration, the Red Sox reportedly agreed to a one-year, $3.6 million deal with center field Jackie Bradley Jr., and also avoided hearings with six other players.

Shortstop Xander Bogaerts, utilityman Brock Holt, pitchers Joe Kelly, Robbie Ross Jr., Tyler Thornburgh and catcher Sandy Leon also agreed to one-year deals.

Terms of the deals were not announced.

It leaves left-handers Fernando Abad and Drew Pomeranz as the only arbitration-eligible Red Sox without a deal.  

Report: Bradley Jr. avoids arbitration, agrees to 1-year, $3.6M deal with Red Sox

Report: Bradley Jr. avoids arbitration, agrees to 1-year, $3.6M deal with Red Sox

Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley avoided arbitration and agreed to a one-year, $3.6 million deal with the team, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reported.

Bradley, who turns 27 April 19, had his best season in 2016, hitting .267 with 26 homers and a league-best 29-game hitting streak. He also won his first Gold Glove. A Scott Boras client, Bradley isn’t eligible for free agency until 2020. 
Friday at 1 p.m. was the deadline to reach deals to avoid arbitration. 

Other arbitration-eligible Red Sox are infielders Xander Bogaerts and Brock Holt, left-handers Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Abad, right-handers Joe Kelly, Robbie Ross and Tyler Thornburg and catcher Sandy Leon.