Wakeup Call: Chipper calls on Sox' David Ross to start another rumor

Wakeup Call: Chipper calls on Sox' David Ross to start another rumor
March 12, 2013, 5:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, March 12:


-- Yeah, the Yankees are shorthanded and all . . . but aren't there, you know, active players out there they could get? (AP)

-- Chipper Jones ended up with 4,000 new Twitter followers as a result of the Yanks' inquiry. So now he's asking ex-teammate David Ross to start a Chipper-to-the-Red Sox rumor in order to tap into the Sox' Twitterverse. (twitter.com)

-- Kevin Youkilis hits his first home run as a Yankee. (AP)

-- Across town, Johan Santana and the Mets are feuding. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

-- The Dodgers assure us Zach Greinke's inflamed elbow is nothing serious. Of course, the Red Sox assured us David Ortiz was day-to-day last July, too. (AP)

-- Dice-K has to leave the Indians' exhibition game against the Angels because of a sore calf. (AP)


-- Gonzaga makes its closing argument for a No. 1 seed in the tournament with a convincing win over Saint Mary's in the West Coast Conference championship game. (AP)

-- And that means six days on the bubble for Saint Mary's, whose 27-6 record is less impressive when you consider 22 of the victories came against teams currently ranked outside the RPI's top 100. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

-- Also punching their tickets to the dance last night: James Madison, Davidson, Iona and Western Kentucky. (All AP)

-- On the women's side, Baylor is in after winning the Big 12 title. (AP)

-- The Notre Dame women will try to make it three straight over UConn this season when they face off tonight for the Big East crown. (AP)

-- Speaking of the Irish, looks like they want to bolt to the ACC a year early. (College Basketball Talk)

-- They say women marry their fathers. But when it comes to, ah, intensity, it looks like Joani Harbaugh married one of her football-coaching brothers -- especially Jim, who's had his own issues with postgame handshakes (Pro Football Talk) -- when she tied the knot with Tom Crean. (AP)

-- USC suspends its two top big men on the eve of the Pac-12 tournament. (AP)

-- How do you keep a John Calipari recruit from leaving Kentucky for the NBA after his freshman year? Operate on his knee. (AP)


-- Like all of us, Sidney Crosby would love to see an NHL team back in Quebec City. But most of us would rather see one of the Sun Belt franchises move there, rather than have the league expand yet again. (NBCs's Pro Hockey Talk)

-- In what promises to have the drama of a Soviet election in the 1950s, NHL teams vote on the new realignment plan this week. (Pro Hockey Talk)


-- The Spurs send a message to the rest of the NBA: Don't go crowning the Thunder in the West just yet. (AP)

-- And don't forget about the Nuggets, either. (AP)

-- It's always something with the Warriors and the Knicks. Two weeks ago, Stephen Curry scored 54 at Madison Square Garden. Last night, Golden State holds New York, as a team, to 63 in a 29-point victory. (AP)

-- Sorry, Lakers. One day after you take over the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoffs, the Jazz beat the Pistons and move into a tie with you. (AP)

-- Kobe Bryant can't for the life of him figure out why returning to Orlando is going to be emotional for Dwight Howard. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Looks like Kyrie Irving is done for the season. (AP)

-- The injury news isn't nearly as dire for James Harden. (CSN Houston)

-- The sale isn't complete yet, but already the prospective owners of the Sacramento Kings-turned-Seattle SuperSonics are urging folks in the Pacific Northwest to get their tickets now. (AP)


-- So let's see. Anquan Boldin's headed to San Francisco . . . (AP)

-- . . . where he soon may be joined by ex-Ravens teammate Ed Reed . . . (CSN Baltimore)

-- . . . because Boldin's arrival probably means the 49ers can't afford to re-sign Dashon Goldson. (CSN Bay Area)

-- The Ravens players are stunned by the move, if their Twitter comments are any indication, but Christian Thompson probably speaks for all of them when he concludes: "Ima stick to what I know: BALLIN". (CSN Baltimore)

-- Okay, 'Niners. The Seahawks will see your Anquan Boldin and raise you a Percy Harvin. (AP)

-- Sources say the Jets have received a “good” trade offer for Darrelle Revis. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

-- How good remains to be seen, since there are plenty of cornerback options out there for teams seeking secondary help. (Yahoo! Sports)

-- Among them: DeAngelo Hall, who "gracefully" accepted his release from the Redskins. (CSN Washington)

-- If you're looking for a linebacker, D.J. Williams is out there now. (AP)

-- A running back's what you need? How about Beanie Wells? (AP)

-- I don't know. When talk began circulating about the Jets bringing in a veteran quarterback to push Mark Sanchez, David Garrard wasn't who I had in mind. (AP)

-- If you want to sign Victor Cruz, it'll cost you a first-round pick. (AP)

-- Mike Shanahan says RGIII is ahead of schedule in his rehab. But, again, the Red Sox said David Ortiz was day-to-day last July, too. (CSN Washington)

-- Because of "credible threats of violence," scheduled book signings by Michael Vick in Atlanta, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been canceled. (CSN Philly)