Wakeup call: A busy day looms for Theo

Wakeup call: A busy day looms for Theo
July 31, 2012, 10:44 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, July 31:

Today's the trade deadline, and it looks like it'll be busy in Philadelphia. (CSN Philly)

And Chicago, or at least the north side. (CSN Chicago) But we all know what the trade deadline's like when Theo's around.

Theo's not the only one making moves. The Mariners sent Brandon League to the Dodgers (AP), and the Blue Jays traded Travis Snider to the Pirates. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Don't look now, but the Yankees have lost 8 of their last 11. (AP)

And maybe Mark Teixeira, too. (Hardball Talk)

It was quite the night for Kendrys Morales. (AP)

Matt Barnes played for the Lakers last year. Next year he may be the new Rickey Vaughn in the California Penal League. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

The exodus has begun from Penn State. (NBC's College Football Talk)

The best Penguins forward Craig Adams, a member of the NHLPA's negotiating committee, can say about the owners' CBA proposal is "It's their opening bid" and "there's a long a way to go." (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

From Tiger Woods to . . . the Sharks' Douglas Murray? Really, Elin? (Pro Hockey Talk)

You just can't take anybody's word these days, can you? (NBC's Off The Bench)

Hope Solo doubled down on her criticism of Brandi Chastain. (NBC)

The Titans are shocked at wide receiver O.J. Murdock's apparent suicide. (AP)

Santonio Holmes thinks he was the scapegoat for the Jets' woes last year. (AP)

Or was it Plaxico Burress, who's shocked that he's unemployed? (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Looks like Adrian Peterson will be laying off the seafood from here on in. (AP)