Wakefield on Varitek's retirement dilemma

Wakefield on Varitek's retirement dilemma
February 18, 2012, 3:51 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. It was a hard enough decision for Tim Wakefield to make. He wouldnt want to offer advice to anyone else attempting to make the same decision.

Retiring Friday after 19 seasons, including the last 17 with the Red Sox, was something Wakefield wrestled with the entire offseason, finally coming to a decision earlier this week. He knows Jason Varitek is likely going through the same dilemma. But his conversations with the catcher have steered clear of that topic.

I talked to him a little bit but its a decision that has to be made on your own, Wakefield said. Its nothing that he said or I said to him or whatever. It really comes down to taking a deep, hard look at where your life is at this point and for me it was the right decision to make. For him, I dont know. If he decides to come back and play thats great, and if he doesnt thats great, too, because hes won two championships and proud to be able to say that I was his teammate for 15 years.