Wakefield supports Beckett's golf day decision

Wakefield supports Beckett's golf day decision
May 15, 2012, 10:57 pm
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BOSTON -- Following his pregame ceremony, Tim Wakefield met with the media, and was asked about Josh Beckett's recent and ever-so-popular golf outing on an off-day.

Wakefield had Beckett's back, saying that much was made out of nothing.

"I thought it was blown way out of proportion," said Wakefield. "Everybody knows that sometimes you need a break, and he threw 125 pitches. And obviously the Red Sox had to make a decision on Aaron Cook, and that was the spot to put him in. If he told you he wasn't hurt, and Bobby told you he didn't think he was hurt, I mean, a round of golf isn't going to kill you. It's probably going to help you more than it's going to hurt you."