Virtual Linsanity, Vol. 2


Virtual Linsanity, Vol. 2

Despite their recent stretch of success, all is not well with the Red Sox.

They're still in last place. They're still run by a tyrant and owned by a Muppet.

Their outfielders' HEADS are falling off!

Okay, it's not that bad. But their outfielders do keep getting hurt. In fact, with today's announcement that Cody Ross who's tied for second on the team with eight home runs, and second with 28 RBI will miss "a couple months" with a broken foot, all three projected starting outfielders are now on the DL. And it will be at least a month before any of them (in this case, Jacoby Ellsbury) is expected back in the line up.


In the meantime, you might see Adrian Gonzalez get a few more reps in right (after all, he was pretty decent in interleague). You may see Will Middlebrooks shagging flies once Kevin Youkilis is activated. And who knows, if they get desperate enough, you may even see Bobby V. give Johnny Pesky a shot. Wouldn't that be something.

But for now: It's LINSANITY

That's right. You may remember Che-Hsuan Lin from his brief ninth inning appearance against the Rays on April 14. Maybe you caught a glimpse of him in left field for the last three innings on Sunday. But, unless you've been paying attention down on the farm, you've never seen him hit. And you've certainly never seen him start.

Until tonight.

Che-Hsuan Lin is Boston's new starting RF.

Linsanity is coming to the Sox.

And you just know that Dr. Charles and Lucky Larry are already cooking up something sweet.

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