Viewer mail: On Strasburg and the Colts

Viewer mail: On Strasburg and the Colts
August 16, 2012, 8:23 pm
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It's mail time! And while we doubt that Mike Rizzo and Jim Irsay actually sent notes to 'Uno's Sports Tonight', it allowed Michael Felger and Gary Tanguay to discuss . . .
Why Stephen Strasburg wasn't rested in May and June so he'd be available to the Nationals in the postseason.
The Patriots-Colts rivalry, which both Tanguay and Felger agree that -- with no Polian, no Manning and no Dungy -- is, in the words of Felger, "O-V-E-R, over." But they also agree: Andrew Luck looked good in his debut, and the Colts were smart to tank the 2011 season in order to get him.