Viewer Mail: Clay Buchholz vs Greg Campbell

Viewer Mail: Clay Buchholz vs Greg Campbell
August 14, 2013, 9:30 pm
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It’s an age-old cliché. Hockey players a tough a nails. Baseball players are soft as a pillow.

The summers of Gregory Campbell and Clay Buchholz have added to those who would argue that statement. Campbell, a fourth-line center for the Bruins, broke his leg blocking a shot in the Eastern Conference Finals, finishing off a shift before hobbling to the trainer’s room. Meanwhile, Buchholz has pitched all of 11 2/3 innings since being scratched from his May 27 start with neck tightness.

Campbell is on track to be on the ice for the September 11 start of Bruins training camp. Buchholz is on track to return to the Red Sox around that time as well, despite an injury not nearly as severe.

Still, is it fair to compare baseball players and hockey players?

“I always use the example, [former pitcher] Al Leiter had a blister, couldn’t grip the baseball and missed parts of two seasons because of a blister,” said Steve Buckley on "Uno Sports Tonight." “Gregory Campbell played with a broken leg. Different sports, different mind-set.”