Victorino finishes minor league game healthy

Victorino finishes minor league game healthy
March 27, 2014, 4:30 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Shane Victorino played in a minor league Thursday, a precautionary move for the Sox, who wanted to make sure that he had sufficiently recovered from soreness in his left side.
If Victorino were deemed not ready to start the season Monday, the Sox could use the minor league assignments to backdate him on the DL and shorten the amount of time he'd miss once the season opened.
But Victorino proved himself healthy in the minor league game and the Sox intend to have him play Friday against Minnesota, the surest indication yet that he'll break with the team.
Victorino got six at-bats in the game with three hits. He played both right and center.
"He came out of it feeling well,'' said Farrell, "and all signs point to him playing (in a major league game Friday).''
Farrell continued to say that Victorino will remain in right at Fenway when the starting center fielder needs a night off, but will be the primary backup center field option on the road.
"Daniel has all of eight innings of major league experience in center field,'' said Farrell. "Familiarity and experience at the positions (matter).''
Because of the difficulties of playing right in Fenway, the Sox don't want anyone playing there other than Victorino if they can avoid it.