Valentine thinks managers shouldn't be involved in All-Star selections

Valentine thinks managers shouldn't be involved in All-Star selections
June 27, 2012, 5:45 pm
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BOSTON -- As of Monday, designated hitter David Ortiz was the only Red Sox player that led the All-Star voting for his respective position.

But don't ask Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine to break down the All-Star Game selection process, which, for the starters, ends Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Valentine says he no longer knows anything about that selection process. And he also doesn't have any idea as to who is leading what category.

But based on a previous experience in which he managed the 2001 National League All-Stars in Seattle, Valentine doesn't think the managers should have any say in the reserves, once the fans vote in the starters.

"I had an All-Star game in Seattle, where, it was the most difficult six weeks of my life, prior to that All-Star Game, trying to pick that team," said Valentine. "And a lot of the burden was on the manager, for the extra players.

"I don't think the manager should have to deal with that."

Valentine said he's never received a call from an All-Star Game manager, regarding advice on which players to choose. But it was something he did when he got the chance.

"I happened to call every manager," said Valentine. "I managed for 16 years and I never got called by another manager. I called every manager. I got their opinions, and even selected people because of their opinions, as a deciding vote."