Valentine 'surprised' Gonzalez's illness got best of him


Valentine 'surprised' Gonzalez's illness got best of him

The Red Sox - Yankees series was enough to make Sox fans sick.

As it turns out, it was enough to make Sox players sick, too.

Adrian Gonzalez left after the second inning of Sunday's eventual 7-3 loss to New York due to an illness. Gonzalez had been fighting off the cold before the game, but it didn't seem like it would cost him playing time -- at least not in the eyes of manager Bobby Valentine.

Sure enough though, Gonzalez asked to sit, ending his 18-game hitting streak in the process.

"Yeah he got sick during the game when he was coughing, getting real dizzy, eyes were watering," Valentine said. "He's been on medication for a while.

"... 18-game hitting streak, left it out there with one at-bat. Must have been pretty sick."

Valentine hadn't considered Gonzalez not being able to play, and expressed that after the game.

"It took me by total surprise," he said of Gonzalez needing to sit. "I figure if he's going to say anything, it must be something of notice.

"Nick Punto got a couple hits, was on-base. He did a good job there filling there."