Valentine pleased with first official workout


Valentine pleased with first official workout

FORT MYERS, Fla. Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was pleased with the first official workout for his pitchers and catchers.

My impressions are that bench coach Tim Bogar and the coaching staff did a fabulous job of executing a plan for the pitchers and the catchers, he said. And I think from my observation and everything that they reported back, it went ok. It went real well.

Valentine made the rounds between four fields at the Sox spring training complex, quickly moving from one diamond to the next.

Just getting to know people, he said. Theres something different going on at every field, a different fundamental. So were jotting down strengths and weaknesses, figuring out how we have to continue to work. So I like to see guys. When someone tells me about a guys backhand I want to know what he means. When he tells me theres something on his pickoff I want to know what he means. So if I say something to him, Im reinforcing what theyre saying, he hears it in stereo.

Thats the way Ive always done it. I just like to see it and feel it. A lot of times, I think with the Mets, I know with the Mets, there was a tower at times where you could make a shorter walk around and see a lot of stuff thats going on. In japan there were three fields. There werent six. So it was a little easier walk.

One difference so far this spring is that Josh Becket, Jon Lester, and Clay Buchholz have been split up, working with three different groups. In the past, they have generally worked together.

Its pitching coach Bob McClures design, Valentine said. He made the groups. He felt in the early session that all three of them were exhibiting some leadership qualities. So I wasnt surprised when I saw the groups. I didnt have to approve them or anything. Bob made the groups and put them into the plan.

Valentine said all the pitchers came through the first day of workouts unscathed, except for right-hander Stolmy Pimentel, who developed a lat issue Monday. Pimentel had a difficult season in 2011, going a combined 6-13 with a 6.79 ERA between High-A Salem and Double-A Portland. With Portland, he was 0-9 with a 9.12 ERA.

Of Aaron Cook, who Valentine said Monday would be on a slower pace than the other pitchers, Valentine said:

Cook says hes going to listen to the training room a little and be ready to go with everyone else.

Sandoval surgery ‘complicated’ and he'll miss rest of season


Sandoval surgery ‘complicated’ and he'll miss rest of season

As expected. the left shoulder surgery that Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval had Tuesday will keep him out for the rest of the season and Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan reports it was “complicated.” 


It remains to be seen if we’ve seen the last of Sandoval in a Red Sox uniform, but even after his recovery, as he collects a $17 million salary for this season, there’s still the matter of the final three years of his deal (2017, 2018, 2019) with $54.6 million remaining. Could be hard to find takers for that. 

Tuesday, May 3: Stamkos, Subban as 10-year-old teammates


Tuesday, May 3: Stamkos, Subban as 10-year-old teammates

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while starting to actually feel badly for the Republican Party.

*Lukas Head revisits an old photo taken with Steven Stamkos and PK Subban when all three were youth hockey players together.

*A disappointed Brooks Orpik gets emotional when discussing his playoff suspension. Maybe he should stop lining up guys for predatory hits if he doesn’t want to be suspended. His track record, and unwillingness to answer the bell for his actions, is well-chronicled.

*Barry Trotz hints that the Pittsburgh Penguins received preferential treatment in the aforementioned Brooks Orpik suspension.

*A heartwarming story of the San Jose Sharks saving the black cat that somehow jumped on the ice at the Shark Tank prior to Game 1 of their playoff series.

*Congratulations to the inspirational Travis Roy, who was inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame last weekend.

*Bob Hartley is fired by the Calgary Flames. Could it be that it was done to make room for Bruce Boudreau, asks Puck Daddy?

*Former Bruins enforcer PJ Stock did some kind of FaceTime television hit with Rogers Sportsnet to make some playoff predictions.

*For something completely different: Jerry Thornton has a number of local Boston businesses banning Roger Goodell from their premises.



NFL wants Brady, NFLPA to move it along with their rehearing request


NFL wants Brady, NFLPA to move it along with their rehearing request

It looks like the NFL is finally ready to put this whole Deflategate thing to bed. And now that it's won the most recent court decision, the sooner the better, it seems. 

Tom Brady and the NFLPA requested a 14-day extension to file their petition for a rehearing in front of the entire Second Ciruit Court of Appeals, which would double the normal amount of time typically granted to request a rehearing. 

But the league made a court filing on Monday saying "there is no need" for an extension beyond the normal 14-day window.

"The first pre-season game is just over three months away," wrote Paul Clement, co-lead counsel for the NFL. "Time remains of the essence."

Last week, the Second Circuit's three-judge panel ruled that Roger Goodell was within his rights as commissioner of the NFL to punish Brady with a four-game suspension due to Deflategate. As a result, district judge Richard Berman's initial decision on the case was overturned and Brady's suspension was reinstated.

Soon after the ruling was handed down, NFLPA spokesman George Atallah joined the Dan Patrick Show and explained that Brady and his team expected to have two weeks to put together its rehearing request. He did not, at that point, make reference to wanting extra time.

"I think the process now, we want to try to figure out and weigh all the options," Atallah said. "I think we'll do that in the next couple days. We have 14 days from the time of the decision to take any action or pursue any further appeal if we want, and I think we'll probably take up most of that time."

As soon as the request is filed, according to Pro Football Talk, it will act as a stay on Brady's suspension. That means he'll be eligible to play until a) the request is denied or b) the request is accepted, heard by the whole Second Circuit, and the ruling goes to the NFL.

If Option B is the scenario that plays out, it could take months, meaning it's possible Brady could play the entire 2016 season before a ruling comes down.